为了交流学习经验,提高学习效率,《中学生英语辅导报》举行了一次以How to be a good learner?为题的征文比赛活动,请写一篇80词左右的短文谈谈你的看法。


How to be a good learner?

As a good learner, we should have good habits and ways of learning.

We need to get ready for our lessons before class and always listen carefully in class. It’s good to study in groups and help each other. We should do more reading in our free time. If we have some problems, we’d better ask others for help. As a student, working hard is important, but don’t forget to do sports and keep healthy.

I think all these above will be helpful to us.


亲爱的同学,你的初中学习生活马上就要结束了,请你以“My English Study”为题,谈一下三年以来学习英语的心得体会。





My English Study

How time flies! My three-year middle school life will be over soon. Looking back, I have many memories of my English study.

When I entered the middle school, I had so many difficulties with my English. I was not able to understand the teacher in class, and I couldn’t master the words and phrases. For a time I wanted to give it up. Later, with the help of the teacher and my classmates, I listened to the teacher carefully in class, kept on reading English every day and spoke as much as possible. Step by step I made great progress in English.

In a word, only when you develop interest in studying English can you learn it well.





2.还可以为父亲做些力所能及的事情(do something that you can do),如为父亲准备一杯茶等他下班后饮用等。


Father’s Day is coming and you must be thinking of giving a present to your father. Different people like different kinds of gifts.

If you have enough pocket money, you can buy a useful but not expensive thing, like a tie. I think your father will like it. But if you don’t have enough pocket money, you can do something that you can do, for example, you can prepare a cup of tea. When your father comes back from work, he can drink it.

No matter what you do, the most important thing is to make your father happy on Father’s Day. Don’t you think so?


请根据提示以“The Spring Festival”为题,写一篇不少于80词的英语短文。




3.家人一起吃团年饭、看电视、拜访亲朋好友(friends and relatives);



The Spring Festival

The Spring Festival comes in wenter. It is the most important traditional festival in China.

People usually go home to spend the festival with their family. They have a big family get-together. The Chinese people have big meals and watch TV during the Spring Festival. They also visit their friends and relatives.

Children like the Spring Festival very much because they needn’t go to school and they have a lot of time to play.












Linda is my best friend. She has changed o lot in the past two years.

She used to be short and have short hair. However, now she is much taller than before. She has long hair. She used to like playing ping-pong, watching TV and chatting with friends. But she likes playing the piano, reading books and taking a walk now. She used to be outgoing. Now she is a little quite.

I think people sure change as time goes by. Even though she has changed a lot, we will be the best friends all the time.



过去 生活条件差,道路狭窄,车辆少,住不好,吃不饱,联系不便……
现在 生活条件优越,道路宽,车辆多,住得舒适,手机普及……





参考词汇:living conditions, narrow, be crowded into, communications(通讯),telegram, thanks to, rapidly, mobile phone, policy


Dear Michael,

You want to know sthe changes about my hometown. You know, great changes have taken place since 60 years ago.

In the past, the living conditions were very poor. There were not many buses or cars, and the roads were narrow. Usually, a big family was crowed into a small, dark house. Most families couldn’t get enough food. The communications were simple and slow. People kept in touch with their friends and relatives far away mainly by letter or telegram.

Thanks to the government, our hometown has developed rapidly in recent years. The living conditions are much better and more comfortable. The roads are wide. Some people have their own cars. Most of the people have lived in big new houses. Quite a few adults have mobile phones. Because of many good policies, I think our lives will become better and better.


Kang Min



优点 1.       足不出户;节约时间;避免拥挤、劳累。

2.       价格通常比较便宜。

3.       可供选择的范围广,品种多。缺点1.       只能看到图片,看不到商品本身。

2.       容易购买大量不太需要的东西,造成浪费。




参考词汇:网购 shopping online; 避免做某事 avoid doing sth; 商品 goods; 导致 cause


With the development of the Internet, many people are used to shopping online. It has become a fashion in our daily life. Some of us students also join the group.

Shopping online has many advantages. Just by a click of the mouse, you can buy what you’re interested in without going outdoors. You can avoid getting tired and being trapped in the crowded people and cars and save time. When shopping online, you can choose from more varieties of goods, whose prices are generally lower.

Every coin has two sides. Its disadvantages are obvious, too. On the one hand, it’s very easy for you to buy goods different from the pictures you see on the Internert. On the other hand, shopping online may cause people to buy goods that are not badly needed. That’s a waste of money.

All in all, I love shopping online.




I am Li Hua. I am in Grade Nine this year. My life has changed a lot in the past few weeks.

I used to get up at seven in the morning. But now I get up at six and read English for half an hour every morning. I used to watch TV and go to bed at 9:30 in the evening. But now I have to keep doing homework until 11:00 in the evening. I used to play tennis in my free time. But now I have to spend all my free time studying.

I really miss my old days. 


某英文报社正就青少年与父母关系这一话题开展题为How to keep a good relationship with parents的征文活动。请你根据以下要点,写一篇英语短文参加此次活动。






How to keep a good relationship with parents

In my opinion, I have too many rules at home. My parents never allow me to go out with my friends at night. They don’t allow me to choose my own clothes, either. And they pay too much attention to my exam results. I think my parents don’t quite understand me.

However, I try my best to understand them. Although they don’t allow me to make my own decisions and give me too much presure, I know that it is because they really love me and want me to have a bright future.

In order to keep a good relationship with my parents, I study hard and listen to them. I talk with them as friends, and always tell them my troubles. I also help them do some housework.



1. 表述你与母亲间的情感;

2. 为母亲制作一张卡片;

3. 帮助母亲做点事;

4. 陪母亲散步等。






Dear John,

It’s Mother’s Day today. It’s a special day, isn’t it?

I think we should do something to show our love to our mothers on this special day. My mother and I are good friends. Whenever I meet with difficulties, she is always there, ready to help me.

Today I will make a beautiful card for her, with my thanks and best wishes on it. Then I will help her wash the car this afternoon and cook her favourite food in the evening. Besides, I’ll take a walk with her after dinner and then play chess with her, for she likes it very much. I’m sure she’ll be very happy.

What’s your plan for Mother’s Day? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Li Hua






参考词汇:top student优等生;handwriting笔迹;full marks满分


we had an exam yesterday and now the papers are being handed out. There’s a paper without a name on it and that student got full marks.

Whom can it belong to? It can’t be a boy’s, because none of them in class can be so good and tidy. The paper must belong to a girl because its handwriting is very tidy. There are only three girls who are good at handwriting — Rose, Mary and Lucy. It might belong to Rose, but I’m not sure because she is not so good at English. It can’t be Mary’s. Although she is a top student in English, she has already had hers in hand. So it must belong to Lucy. Today she is ill at home and she does well in English, too. Well, it must belong to her.



kind reason
a   few quiet   music make them feel comfortable
many musicians who can write their own lyrics cool
most music that they can dance to full of energy


Nowadays more and more middle school students like pop songs.

A few of them like quiet music because they think quiet music makes them feel comfortable. Many of the students like musicians who can write their own lyrics. Why? They think it’s cool to express their own feelings. Most of the students like music that they can dance to. They think the music is full of energy. When they are tired or bored, they can dance to the music.





2.礼物的包装不要使用白色或者黑色包装纸(wrapping paper);






Dear Linda,

I am glad to give you advice on the customs of giving gifts in my country.

Firstly, I think you need to find out what your Chinese teacher likes. Choosing the gift that your teacher is interested in is a good idea. Secondly, don’t pack the gift with black or white wrapping paper, because black and white aren’t considered to be lucky colors. Thirdly, don’t buy your teacher a clock, a pair of shoes, or some pears because these have bad meanings in Chinese when giving a gift.

I hope my advice can help you.


Guo Jia


刚到中国来学习不久的John应汉语老师的邀请去他家里做客,因此John 向Bob请教相关礼仪。假设你是Bob,请你给John回一封电子邮件,告诉他一些注意事项。80词左右,开头已给出(不计入总词数)。


Dear John,

I know that you will visit your Chinese teacher’s home. If you do the following, I don’t think you will feel uncomfortable.

First, you should arrive a little earlier. Being late is impolite. Second, it’s also good to bring a gift such as some flowers or fruit. Third, you will probably use chopsticks to have dinner. Remember not to stick your chopsticks into your food. You’d better say that the food is delicious while you are eating. Finally, after dinner, showing thanks is also necessary. And you are not supposed to stay long after dinner.

Good luck!






1. 邻桌年轻人大声说话、吸烟。

2. 你请他们不要那样做。

3. 他们不听,反而嘲笑你。

4. 你认为:①他们在公共场所那样做是不对的。


参考词汇:嘲笑laugh at


1. 词数80左右,短文开头已给出(不计入总词数)。

2. 要点齐全,行为连贯,可适当发挥。


Last Saturday evening, all my family had dinner in a resturant.

We enjoyed ourselves while we were at table. However, some teenagers sitting beside our table began to talk and laugh loudly. What’s worse, they began to smoke in the restaurant, which made us angry. After a while, I stood up and advised them to stop smoking and behave themselves. To my surprise, they didn’t follow my suggestions. Instead, they laughed at me, saying that I was too young and too naive.

In my opinion, it’s wrong to do that in public. The future of our courtry lies in teenagers, who should not only obey the rules in public but also make contributions to the society.


健康对我们来说非常重要,我们可以用很多方法来保持身体健康。请根据下面表格的提示,以“Good Ways to Keep Healthy”为题,写一篇80词左右的短文,倡议“健康生活”,从三个方面说明如何保持健康。短文首句已给出,不计入总词数,可适当发挥。

1 food a balanced diet, vegetables, fruit, less   meat…
2 exercise do more exercise, take a walk, play ball   games…
3 happiness keep happy, make friends, smile…


Good Ways to Keep Healthy

It is very important for us to keep healthy. But do you know the ways to keep us healthy?

First, we need to have healthy eating habits, we can eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit, but we’d better eat less meat. Different kinds of food are necessary, it’s also important to eat a balanced diet.

Then, playing sports every day can also help us keep fit. We can take walks after dinner, we can walk to school instead of taking a bus, after school we can spend hours playing basketball or soccer with our friends. We should try to do more exercise every day.

Happiness is another way to keep healthy. When we are lonely or unhappy, try to make friends. It is a good way to keep us happy. If you smile often, you also feel happy. So, be happy to be healthy.



1. 保持健康的重要性;

2. 保持健康的方法:多吃水果蔬菜;每天锻炼一小时;早睡早起;勤洗手;

3. 自己的看法(至少一条)。







Boys and girls,

It is very important for us students to keep healthy.

There are many ways to be healthy. We’d better eat more fruits and vegetables. Take exercise for at least one hour every day. We need enough sleep and rest so it is important to go to bed early and get up early. Besides, we should wash our hands as often as possible. In my opinion, we mustn’t drink wine or smoke .They are bad for our health.

Thank you. 


近20年来,各方面的调查表明:青少年的体质不断下降。请你以“How to keep healty”为题,写一篇80词左右的短文,说说你的看法和建议。开头已给出,不计入总词数。


1. 体质下降的原因。如:eat too much junk food, have too much homework…

2. 合理的健康建议。如:should do more exercise, eat a balanced diet(饮食平衡), enough sleep…


How to keep healthy

Nowadays students’ physical fitness is declining year by year. I think there are some reasons.

Students have too much homework to do, so they have little time to have sports. Some students eat too much junk food. That’s also bad for their health.

Then, how to keep healthy? Here is some useful advice. First, students should do more exercise. Second, students should eat a balanced diet. They should eat more vegetables and fruits, and try to eat less junk food. Finally, enough sleep is also very important. 


节约资源,保护环境,从身边的小事做起。作为一名学生,我们应该怎样看待“低碳”生活?请以“My low — carbon life”为题写一篇短文,简述自己对“低碳”生活的理解及看法。80词左右。







参考词汇:on foot, turn off, recycle, make full use of, plastic bag, tap


My low-carbon life

Now the human living environment is becoming worse and worse. So a new lifestyle called low-carbon life is spreading to every part of our country. As middle school students, how can we have a low-carbon life?

Firstly, we can go to school on foot or by bike. Secondly, we shouldn’t waste water or electricity. Do remember to turn off the lights when we leave the room and turn off the tap in time after using it. Thirdly, we should use colth bags in our daily life instead of plastic ones. Fourthly, we should also make full use of paper. We’d better recycle some of our textbooks.

It’s important for us to live a low-carbon life to protect the environment.


为配合我市“礼仪宜宾(Charm Yibin)”活动的开展,某学校开展以“How to behave well?”为主题的英语作文,请你以一名中学生的身份写一篇60-80词的短文参赛。










How to behave well?

As a student in Yibin, we should behave well.

First, I think it’s very important to do everything on time and keep promises. Never lie to others or say dirty words. Next we should be polite to others and ready to help people in need. Then we’d better not talk loudly in public. Don’t throw litter or spit about. And remember to obey traffic rules.

Finally, learn to work with others. We need good team work in our life.

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